ATV Trail Riding

ATV Trail Riding

Riding ATV's is a great experience and one that is only made better by a scenic or challenging trail. Spending the day with other riders is always a memorable experience that makes you can't wait until the next trip. Here are some good ideas to keep in mind while out on the trails.

Keep looking ahead at the terrain so that you will be ready for whatever is coming. If it is a sharp turn make sure you are ready to lean the same direction as the turn and adjust your speed. When you see a large bump coming, lift yourself up off the seat a few inches to help absorb some of the bump.

When coming to a blind corner, be sure and stay to the far right and be ready in case another rider somes through in your lane. Go slow enough so you may be able to react and take evasive action if necessary.

If you come to a steep uphill on the trail, try and shift your weight forward to keep more traction on the front wheels to keep you and the ATV from tipping backward. Get some momentum up and try and keep a steady throttle so as to keep your wheels from spinning. For steep downhills shift your weight back and do not go to fast. Hitting a large bump while going to fast as you are going down a steep hill could send you flying over the handlebars. Going uphill try and use mostly the front brake, and going downhill use mostly the rear brake.

Practice these simpletips while you are out on the ATV trail and they will become habits that will help keep your trips memorable for the right reasons.