ATV Mudding Tips

ATV Mudding

With summer in full swing, there is nothing more fun than taking your ATV out mudding on a hot day. We figured that it would be a good time to offer some tips on how best to maneuver through the mud and muck.

Don’t be hasty – check the lines that others before you have taken. You can typically see what has been working for other atv’s to get to the other side. You can also see spots to avoid where previous riders got themselves buried.

Look for vegetation – Where you see vegetation growing, the ground will typically be firmer to support the root systems.

Keep your momentum up – Once you do pick your line and you start heading in, keep the momentum and the rpm’s up high enough where you will not start to drag and sink.

Getting hung up – If you do start to high center or hang up, take all your weight and transfer it to one side of the atv by putting both feet on one floor board. The tires on that side of the atv will hopefully hit bottom and grip enough to pull you through and out.